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- 01/11/2007 : version 2.0.1

    New Korean language.
    Russian correction language.
    Hungarian correction language.
    License upgrade to 'GNU GPL Version 2 or Version 3'.
    You can drive the train with the mouse buttons.
    That player who complete the final level be awarded 100 points for each
    remaining life.

- 18/10/2006 : version 2.0.0

    New Polish language.
    New Turkish language.
    New Hungarian language.
    New Dutch language.
    Animate when Ri-li is loading.
    10 news levels. Now 50 levels.
    Correction of the languages : Japanese, German, Italian, Russian.
    Define AMIGAOS4 flags for Amiga OS4 system.
    Organization of the data files remade.
    Ri-Li can be launched without a sound card.
    Ri-li is limited to 60 fps to relieve the CPU.
    Ri-li use less ram memory.

- 19/07/2006 : version 1.2.0.

    Addition a help in the game to direct the engine.
    New Breton language.

    New Esperanto language.

    New Italian language.

    New Portuguese language.

    New Slovak language.
    New Swedish language.
    Correction of the languages : German, Japanese, Spanish.

- 07/07/2006 : version 1.0.3.

       Upgrade source for Unix/Linux, Version 1.0.3. Now use --prefix in ./configure
       for better compatibility with all
distributions. Thanks to "B. GANNE" for the
his patch and his .ebuild config file for gentoo linux distribution.

- 29/06/2006 : First RPM version & version 1.0.2.

       The RPM pakage is available! Sources are upgrade for all systems.
       Now it can be compiled on all CPU types without having to specify the CPU type.
       Logos for menu in KDE and Gnome have been inserted int the RPM.

- 27/06/2006 : First version for Mac OSX & version 1.0.1.

       The Mac OS X version is available! Source has been upgraded for all systems.
       In the compile, #define :  
  • MAC_OSX for Mac OS X specificity.
  • POWER PC for Power PC CPU specificity .
  • LINUX for Unix/Linux specificity.
  • WINDOWS for Windows specificity.

- 23/06/2006 : Web site and version 1.0.0.

       Web site is active. First version 1.0.0 can be downloaded for Linux and Windows. The Mac Os X version will be available soon.

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