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Ri-li is an arcade game licensed under the GPL (General Public License). You drive a toy wood engine in many levels and you must collect all the coaches to win.You can dowload it and play indefinitely. It's Free. You can play on 'Linux', 'Mac OsX', 'Windows', 'AmigaOS4'

- Ri-li version 2.0.1


Full-featured, 19 languages:  Arabic, Breton, Chinese, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. Colorful animated wood engine, 50 levels and 3  beautiful music tracks and many sound effects. 
Worth the download !

- Authors

Dominique Roux-Serret: design & programming & graphics & website.
Maf464 : musics. Visit his site ->

- Thanks to

  • Christian H. for the German correction.
  • N. Y. for the Japanese corrections.
  • David R. and David B.M. for the Spanish corrections.
  • K. TONNELLE for the Breton translation.
  • V. Búr for the Esperanto translation.
  • J. JORGE for the Portuguese translation.
  • V. Búr for the Slovak translation.
  • T. Gustavsson for the Swedish transltation.
  • L. Serafinowski for the Polish translation.
  • R. Claudio, Bao for Italian corrections.
  • Mike aka )|(yk for the russian corrections.
  • Doruk Fisek for Turkish translation.
  • S. Etienne for the Hungarian translation.
  • W. Bas for Dutch translation.
  • J.C. Duponq for the Alien tutorial.
  • An Sanggap for the Korean version and translation.
  • M. Juhasz for the Hungarian corrections.
  • E. Hikory for his end points patch.

- Made with

 Mandriva Linux 

Emacs   GCC   Gimp   SDL   POV Ray 

© 2006 D. Roux-Serret - contact @  

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